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With the Informedika E-Requisition Network, slow, fuzzy faxes are replaced with free, fast diagnostic test results.

Save Time

Informedika is a centralized, online network for all of your diagnostic needs. Streamline your workflow and reduce time staff spends every day dealing with multiple logins, errors, scanning and faxing. 

Save Money

Electronic requisitions significantly reduce costs for your practice – from eliminating the expense of scanning and faxing, to freeing up valuable staff time for more productive tasks.

Improve Care

Complete, trended results and convenient peer-to-peer consults enable well-informed clinical decisions. Boost patient satisfaction with faster orders, results, and specialist referrals.
Accurate Online Orders
Submit clean electronic orders – with patient data attached – direct to national and regional service providers, including LabCorp©, Quest Diagnostics©, RadNet© and thousands of other diagnostics, radiology, home health, PT providers nationwide.
Timely Notifications
Convenient alerts let you know as soon as there is an update in your account, including new results and messages. You decide what you want to be notified about, and how.
Convenient Mobile Access
Physicians are always on the go. Our members can place diagnostic or treatment orders, and review and share results, on a smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere.
Reliable Real-time Results
How much time does your team spend dealing with illegible or missing results? With Informedika, results are immediate, thorough, organized, and crystal clear.
Complete, Trended Results
Informedika combines results data from all service providers, so you can get the full picture of a patient's progress over time, regardless of which lab performed the test.
Seamless EMR integration
If you use an EMR, it's super-easy to sync Informedika patient data to your EMR patient record. No EMR? No problem -- Everything you need for your diagnostics workflow is built into the Informedika network.
Built-In Image Viewing
You won't need a CD-Rom or separate software; our innovative streaming image viewer displays high-definition images and the radiology report. Radiology images are always available for you to access on-line.
Secure Referrals/Consults
The Informedika Network enables fast, convenient referrals and curbside consultations; share results and communicate securely with any verified medical professional in the United States.